Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Isphanyar M. Bhandara started his family business, Murree Brewery Co. Ltd. Rawalpindi, one of the oldest public limited companies of the sub continent in 1997.

Joined Board of Directors of the company in 1998. Before this he has significant exposure to fields operation including production, project development, development planning, conceptual engineering and operation supports in the brewery and its other divisions.

In June, 2005 became Executive Director till 2008 and lately in June, 2008 was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Murree Brewery Group of Companies on the demise of his father.

The Company has also other divisions manufacturing food products, fruit juices, mineral water,non- alcoholic products and glass containers. The traditional activities of the Company are brewing and distilling of fine liquors and beers. With the passage of time the company has increased the product lines and capacity as well.

·      Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan on seat reserved for Minorities.

·      Holds a Master Degree in Business & Administration.

·      Currently President of Rawalpindi Parsi Anjuman.

·      Representing and helping following Minority communities of Pakistan

Parsi, Sikhs, Baha’is, Buddhists, Kalash and doing other social and welfare activities. 

·      Attended various LUMS workshops on business.